Sun Lake


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5 x 7 inches

Oil on canvas board


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I was finally able to finish another Granberg Weekly painting! Woohoo! Sorry they have not been very weekly. I’ve had some health things going on and haven’t been able to paint much. Or really at all.

But, here is a new one for you guys.

Just so you know, I am not a landscape painter. But…I think we should always be challenging ourselves so I throw one in every once in a while. This little painting is of a lake in Jonesboro, AR. It is where my wife, Bethany, and I would take our Australian Shepherd, Basil, to play with other dogs. This sandy beach is where he would run, run, run!

Oh, and, sorry about the timelapse video. My camera was slowly sinking through the painting. :-/ Bummer

5 x 7 inches

Oil on canvas board