Desperate Plea


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Oil on Wood


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This painting was done as a creative response to my wife, Bethany Granberg’s, website Sacred Response. This was the prompt she provided:

“Creative Prompt: Have you been painfully desperate for God’s help? Maybe you are right now. Whether current or past, express that feeling of desperation. Or maybe your desperate plea is for someone else.”

Like so many, there have been several times throughout my life that I have been desperate for God’s help. The one that stands out the most is when my family and I moved from Kenya to the States. It was a difficult and traumatizing experience. Finding some sense of normalcy and even identity was only possible with God’s love, protection, and guidance. This little painting is of the African savanna. The one, lonely tree sits in a faded and undefined landscape; almost lost in the world. But it’s still beautiful.

Enjoy your journey!